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Resigned cabinet ministers “Out in the cold”

Published: 13 June 2010
Kn: The ministers who resigned recently from the cabinet are said to be out in the cold after it emerged that the government is likely to survive a vote of confidence

One of them is quoted as complaining of being cheated by incapable president who has no authority to chance the PM. “I risked my hardly gained post, I now stand no chance of becoming minister again” sources quoted from Abdirahman Abdi Shakur, the former planning and international relations minister in Nairobi.

The currency minister Eng. Abdirahmna Omar Osman, who is also the acting finance minister, is forced to apologize or clarify comments he made while attending currency summit outside the country, the minister reportedly applauded the action of the resigned ministers in an interview with Horn Afrik Radio in the capital, in a statement today the minister said his comments were misinterpreted and blown out of proportion

Sources told KismaayoNews that the PM. Omar Abdirashid instructed the minister to retract the unfortunate political comments, according to the PM.

Deadly confrontation between TFG troops today is believed to be the product of this political rift, sources claim that the resigned junior defense minister has a hand in it.

In the capital ordinary people speculate that Yusuf Siad Inda’adde still plays influential role in the TFG troops.

However uncertainty clouds how things will go on as there is no signs of improvement, analysts believes that the future of the PM depends on the speaker’s position towards him and of cause the newly appointed UN country representative.




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